Now that you have bought that nice pair of gloves, you want to make sure you take good care of them.  This article will teach you how to wash your goalkeeper gloves so they hold up for as long as possible. 

Before you wear your new goalkeeper gloves, PRE WASH them!!

Once you get your gloves, they will still have some of the chemicals on them from the manufacturing process.  You’ll want to make sure you wash your gloves prior to using them.  This will get any chemicals or residue off them prior to their first use.  Pre-washing your goalkeeper gloves will also help to break them in, getting rid of some of the stiffness that they’ll have when you initially get them.

Step #1

Fill a bucket/sink/tub with warm water.  You’ll also want to use a small amount some sort of mild soap or glove cleaner to wash your gloves.  If you use soap, only use a small amount, as soap can deteriorate the latex on the palms.  If you use a glove cleaner, follow the recommendations on the bottle. 

Step #2

Make sure you brush off any mud or grass off your gloves, then put the gloves in the water.  It’s usually best to work on one glove at a time.  Gently squeeze and massage one glove in the water to get all of the dirt and grime out of the palm and the rest of the glove.  Then move on to the next glove and repeat.  Don’t use anything other than your hands to clean your gloves (like brushes), since these will start to ruin the palms of your gloves.   

Step #3

Empty out the water from the wash and refill your container with fresh water.  Put your gloves back into  the water and rinse them out, making sure to get all of the cleaner or soap out of them.  If your rinse water is dirty after this step, you might have to repeat it.  You’ll want all of the cleaner out of the gloves so they’ll hold up for the maximum amount of time. 

Step #4

At this point, your gloves will probably be soaking wet.  Get a towel and place one glove on it.  Fold the towel over the glove and gently press on it to get out some of the water.  Repeat this with the other glove.  You can also gently wring the gloves out to help get the water out.  Once your gloves are no longer wet, hang them up to dry.  Never, ever, ever, ever put your gloves in the dryer (even on low heat).  It is very rough on the gloves.  Also don’t lay them next to a heater, use a hair dryer on them or put any kind of external heat source on them.  It should take about 24 hours for your gloves to naturally dry all the way.  If you stuff the gloves with newspaper, it can help them to dry out a little quicker since the newspaper will help to draw out the moisture.    

When you store your gloves between uses, make sure not to store them with the palms touching.  This can cause the palms to stick together, deteriorating the life of the palms.  A good goalkeeper glove bag is a usually a decent investment since it will have separate compartments for each glove.  It’s best to wash your gloves between each use, but at least weekly if that isn’t possible.   

As the most important piece of equipment in your arsenal, it’s important to take care your goalkeeper gloves.  If you follow these simple steps, your gloves will take care of you for as long as possible!